sleep is where I'm a viking

Last night was nice. There was some work, but since there was a huge thunderstorm, J couldn't work late (no power at work) so he came home early and we could meet his favourite aunt and her family for thai food for a break. They are down visiting and we were concerned we couldn't see them before they left, so it was really nice to have a visit. Got some work done and went to bed at a normal time. This morning I had time to get up and make proper lunches and a long hot shower and have a hot breakfast  before a stormy walk to work. I do need to work out. I just know the crazy feeling I get when I am overtired and forgo sleep for exercise...and I don't want that. Yes it keeps me buffed...buffed and crazy.

Especially when I know the end is near. Very soon I will just have my life back again...and then I can spend some time for me back every morning in the gym. Now it's when I can. I may bang out a workout when I get home before supper. Not sure- I am just feeling really worn at the moment and trying to find a balance. It's tricky. And things will resettle once my thesis is submitted next month. Until's all over the place. Just trying to eat healthy and maintain. Sanity and thesis are priority one.

Just keep swimming swimming swimming...

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