The final countdown

Da na NAH NAAAH! Da da DAT dat daaah!
It's all up crazy around here. First I was defending...then no...then yes...then no...then now, if I meet deadlines, YES.
I think I've aged a decade in a week.
I'm so tired...
I was up until 2 finishing the past few small pages of edits so that my supervisor can look at looking it over the weekend. The trickiest thing was my abstract. It can only be 350 words. Awha?? Summarize 78 pages in 350 words? Not easy let me tell you!!!

I will be spending all weekend going some other final revisions so I can give a final final draft to my supervisor on tuesday to look over overnight prior to submission for any glaring errors. I will be checking figures. Reding it over a few times for flow. Checking tables and page numbers and page formatting....all the little stuff that falls between the cracks. Crap I can't stand, but that needs to be done. I want to be judged on my topic and research and not my inability to write or edit. I'm sure I'll miss something...but I will try.
I will be at the lake visiting Dad, as planned, but not as relaxed as I'd planned. I might get in some fishing. We'l see. I feel bad that I won't have the relaxing visit I'd hoped, but the deadlines I've been given have changed...and I have to do this or give up my only summer holiday, not graduate in until spring, pay $700 and defend in the fall.
I refuse that if I have any say in it.
I want a final date. I want to be done. It's crazy and mad, and I will be so busy... but I am at the point where, for my sanity, I HAVE to be done this. My supervisor went to bat for me to find a way for my defense to happen, if I can meet these deadlines. *gulp*
I will get it my final draft back Wed AM and then have all day to make any minor remaining corrections   (I hope there are zilch) before it goes to my committee members for review on wed PM/thursday AM. If I have to, I will print off copies myself and give it to people. Still have to check in on that. BUT the long and the short of it is if I can spend all weekend at the lake going over the thesis and making it perfect (on a deck with a beer doesn't seem so bad!) and get it in on time, then I will be on track to defend the last week of August. No extra fees. No craziness. AND I get to go away camping to a music festival free and clear of stress and thinking about my thesis for the first time in over 6 months!! Oh how I will dance!
When I get back I will have a month or so to put together my defence presentation and read everything I can get my hands on so I am prepared for any and all questions that may come at my defence. I'm trying to think of potential defense questions...and answer them ahead of time. Yup. I'm a keener. But that is for later. Now...


azusmom said...

Keeping good thoughts and fingers crossed!
Go you!!!!

Kimberly said...

Wish you all the luck in the world! And keep on running, even if for now it's just metaphorically.

Yum Yucky said...

Well, sheesh. I hope you at least had a decent weekend. You deserve it, woman.

Diane Lopez said...

Just go hug that great moment! :) God bless!