Last night I tried to work but only got an hour in...the rest was pilfered. I was tired. A bit frazzled. Couldn't focus to proofread things, but at least have all my reference information completed (yay). I went to bed exhausted and slept poorly-spring when the sun comes up early always mucks with my internal clock for a while. Even so, I did get up to come in and workout even tho I was sorely tempted to keep sleeping...When I got here I was so tired my double up friday workout I've been doing lately seemed a bit too evil. So I compromised. One circuit workout and then abwork and 20 minutes on the elliptical. I did a longer workout with a small modification to their Leg Sculpt Mashup Workout. 21 minutes of 50 seconds on 10 seconds off, 3 rounds through the following:
-2 pushups + box jump
-2 V sit ups + 2 tricep dip (changed as I have no pullup bar)
-low jacks with weight (20 Lb dumbbell)
-Squat and press using weight (25Lb barbell)
-Weight pick up alternate sides to collarbone (17.5Lb dumbbell) alternating L & R
-Side plank with ab crunch L side
-Side plank with ab crunch R side

Intense. I was panting. Low jacks with weights are evil. Planks with crunches are evil. And oh, oh how the timer makes it evil. Eeeeevviiiiillll....but wow-you feel so good afterwards knowing you pushed yourself as hard as you could and did it :)

AND I have learned something new about myself-that I suck at box jumps. Seriously-using both legs at once? Useless. Never really done them before, and the first round I had a taller box and for the last 2 reps I moved to a smaller box which was thankfully right nearby. I just couldn't wrap my head around hopping that way in a hurry! Half of them were mutant split leg hop sort of things...I did NOT want to screw up and hurt myself and land on my shins (I've seen looks so painful). But I didn't want to not do them. Some of the first few ended up as panicked squat jumps to keep going after I stared at the box willing myself to move in a coordinated fashion (staring at the box like a deer in the headlights) silly. It's a total coordination thing...of which I lack...I mean, both legs at the same time? In a hurry? Forget it.
A ninja I am not. More of a nonja...:)

And so that is my goal for April-Box jumps. Figure them out and get the muscle memory of the move down. I have enough leg and knee strength built up again to give them a go and do them properly. It won't take much time at all to do some a few times a week...and I'll try this workout again the end of April and see if I"m slightly less flaily.

This song came on at the gym today while I was stretching... major flashback. I loved this song back when I was 10. I've been humming it all morning. I thought Alannah of the Thompson Twins was *so* *cool* back then. I still know all the words...funny how songs stick with you isn't it?

Have a great day :) I will try to too. Step 1: stay awake :)

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