wednesday already? wow...

Last night I got home to snow that was mid thigh in some places! It was light and fluffy, so I spent a good hour shovelling out the house...sidewalks and car park area. It looked impressive when I was done :) I enjoyed it. The snow wasn't hard to shovel, there was just a lot of it, so I took my time and listened to the tunes and shovelled away. Then time for some supper and a late night grocery run with J. By the time we headed out after he got home late the roads were passable. Got fully stocked up on food and got home late to tuck it all away and fall into bed feeling pretty accomplished if I do say so myself :)

This morning it's snowing lightly again...big fluffy flakes like in a cartoon. Very pretty.
Came in to workout and my favourite spin instructor was teaching a 45 minute class so I went in for that and loved it. It was a solid solid? Well, I've never had sweat on my elbows before! After that I did my abfest and called it a morning. Cottage cheese and pineapple and a nice big mug of coffee and the day has begun. Yum.

Tonight (besides more shovelling...) I've got some chores and a thesis to attack. Lots to do!

I hope you all have a fantastic hump day!

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azusmom said...

And, hey, shoveling snow is GREAT exercise, lol!

I don't mind the snow when I'm sitting inside next to a roaring fire drinking cocoa and watching it fall. But the shoveling it, driving in it, wearing 14 layers of clothes, etc i don't miss at all. Not even a little. Hubby STILL doesn't get why I don't want to go to Tahoe or Yosemite in the winter. But Hubby grew up in California. When I first moved here he picked up my ice scraper and said "What's this?"
Just doesn't get it.