Hello winter, what kept you?

Last night winter made up for it's lack of oomph all in one night. We got about 14 inches of fluffy snow overnight and it's *still* snowing. It's gorgeous and not too cold. For me, who's been suffering through spring allergies for parts of winter I'm loving the snow. It's not going to last more than a few weeks, and I take the bus most places so I'm loving it. It's so pretty.
It does muck up people's lives tho. It's enough snow that everyone is getting stuck...and people for whatever reason forget how to drive in this sort of stuff when it is unexpected, so there are accidents all over the place. When winter is here and hard and mean we all expect this and plan our lives around snow delays, but today a lot of people were caught unaware...like my class instructor. About 4 of us were in the gym on time today for class, and she was a no show so we just took over the spin and sculpt room and did our own class :). We biked for 3o minutes and then tried to replicate the stuff we usually do in the sculpt part of class. I'm pretty impressed with our workout overall. Plus I got to chat with a few girls who are normally in the classes all the time which was nice, since I see them every day but never talk to hem. Although the spin part wasn't as hard core as normal I still know I got a really good allover workout. That is one bonus to getting up stupidly early and coming in to workout in a snowstorm...if I get there there is no way I'm wimping out- I'm doing something!
Today is grocery day so it may be an adventure to get out to the store...it isn't supposed to stop snowing (we are due for another 5 inches or so) until sometime in the afternoon. I was going to go on my own in the car, but I think J and I will take our mitsubishi starwagon (4 wheel drive van we take for camping/off roading), to get there :). I have the special gift of being able to get stuck in our car on a single snowflake, so I'm glad I won't be driving in this snow...it will be days before they clear it all I'm sure.

Hope you all have a great day. Stay warm :)

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Cuppypower said...

hey, long time no speak! How are you doing? I just want to share with you that i am now running with a Nike night running group in HK on a regular bases :)