popcorn and beer for supper = fail

I spent most of saturday with achey butt and legs...I was so very glad to be working on the thesis. And boy did I - 15 solid hours of work on the weekend. Still wanted more, but I also got some life in too, which was nice. My mead is racked off into a secondary carboy to clarify for a few months (which was messy and sticky and complicated and involved me going to get another smaller carboy to complete...) and I have a kit to make some ale whenever the urge strikes over the next while. A bonus of buying another carboy is...well...I have another carboy to make stuff in :) I like making beer. Don't even care if I drink it...it's nice having stuff to offer people...it's like lab cookery, only at home. :)

Yesterday was an embarrassing food day. I really need to work on not letting the weekend totally defeat an entire week of hard work. Saturday was OK. I made scones and homemade rye caraway bread, but overall, we had decent meals. Sunday tho? Eep. I had a headache for most of the day. J's mom invited us out for waffles and custard and fruit and we had a nice family visit...and ate a lot of waffles. They were delicious. I picked up a friend at the airport and visited with him a bit and samples some of the schnapps he brought back. When I got back home, J and I weren't even really hungry for supper so we had some of the bread I made with a few eggs...(see we started out trying to be good!) and then to celebrate racking the mead later we had some apple ale and popcorn and watched a movie. The popcorn and ale...ich. My stomach still hurt this morning. I have been told by my body that this is not what it needs...too much rich wierdness in one day...Bleh.

So...reboot today. This morning I was up and in to the gym, but with no preworkout snack since my stomach still ached. I hammered out my workout A which is lower body focused along with my abfest. I tried to do a set of tabatas on the treadmill but after half of them my asthma had a fit so I switched over to the bike. After I resumed normal breathing I did a set of tabata on the bike and called it a day. Whew. That's my one complaint about the going all out thing...with asthma sometimes it just doesn't work...but sometimes it does. I take what I can get :)

By the time I got in to work I was feeling great and was hungry again (yay) so I had some granola and blackberries and yogurt and my stomach finally feels normal. :)
I am off to another labfilled day. Hope you all had a great weekend. Up until the hamster in my stomach feeling I sure did :)


Yum Yucky said...

Girl, I had Texas french toast (like 5 slices) and bowls (plural) of popcorn this weekend. I think both of our metabolisms can handle this snafu. We bitches are fitness warriors.

Miz said...

Ive had that dinner, too.
a lot.

Cuppypower said...

what is "tabata"?! your blog has inspired me to write. I used to have the same thing about not eatting what my body needs, but what i want. I show you how i have overcome it now :)

Geosomin said...

Tabata is a set of intervals, where you cram your cardio into a dshorter period: 20 seconds all out as hard as you can with 10 seconds rest and repeat that 8 times. It's supposedly equal to a 25 minute cardio output as far as fitness and overall metabolism boost...