oh no, it has a crack in it...badum tish!

So I think I broke my butt yesterday. My bum is so very stiff after my doubled up crazy workout. I'm walking around like an old lady. Good to know I worked hard but man...I am so aware of all the tiny muscles down there right now. :)
I am trying to work on my thesis and really not getting anything done today...it's been over 2 hours of me wasting time...so I need to grab some coffee and buckle down for a bit. Given that it's St. Paddy's day I will make come cottage cheese dill bread in the old robot and some irish stew with some pork tenderloin I have kicking around somewhere for supper tonight. Next weekend I plan to start up a batch of IPA to have around for the summer, but for now...my healthy beer Canadian 67 will have to do. Maybe I'll make it green...we'll see.
Since i've been ramping up my workouts I am starting to feel the itch to start ramping up my eating too - really dialing it in. I am getting my muscles back (especially in my butt...ow) but really have 5 -10 lbs that I could shed and look serious freaktastic this summer. I'm thinking next week will be time to get on with that. I'm just maintaining...and I can't keep gaining weight every christmas and not getting rid of it after. And getting takeout after I go out (like last night ahem) is just typical of how i keep undoing a whole day of solid healthy living in one stroke. It's a tricky thing when you don't get much free time. It makes you feel like you need to indulge when you do since it's so "special". Very dangerous mindset to get into....
Well, I really should get to a bit of thesis work. Hope your saturday is a little more interesting than mine is :)


azusmom said...

You know you got a good workout when you're, to borrow Charlotte's phrase, toilet sore.

Geosomin said...

yup. I finally knew what she meant by that on saturday! I finally felt normal this morning...just in time to do it to myself again :)