Instant angst therapy

This morning I had a bit of stress and grr to work off from a discussion yesterday (long story not worth going into) so I wanted to *SWEAT*.
So, I did some back raises and ab crunches and a 5 minute warmup on the bike before I did the thong shapeup bodyrock workout with all extras and ZWOW 8 (through it 6 times). Right at the end I wanted to give up but then a favourite song (Beastie Boys...guilty pleasure) came on the gym stereo and I smiled and got a bit of juice to finish off strong. As I looked up the links for the workouts just now I realise I forgot the toe touch in the toe touch jump up/burpeeish part of the ZWOW after the first rep through. Oops. Ah well...all things considering tho I still think I kicked ass today. I sweated out some angst and feel very good about how the day has started. A little yogurt and granola and some fruit and I am good to go for the day. I am hoping for a good weekend with less angst, but we shall see how it goes. I am standing up for myself and being strong. It's a challenge, but deserve to be treated with respect. I'm tired of being the one who caves and gives in when I haven't done anything, just to make the peace.
But I wasn't going to talk about that was I? No.

There is a masquerade dance party tonight which some friends are playing at which I'd love to show up at (A friend has a mask they can lend me), but it will depend on the rest of the day. If the evening goes well, maybe I'll get a nap and we can go by for a while, just to get out. I'll need to work hard Sat and Sun on my thesis and I don't want to muck that up by staying out all night. Plus I'd like to still make it to a potluck at a friend's house on the weekend if I can...just to be around people and not just send food and good wishes with J and stay home and work as I so often have been doing while in school. We'll see. I just have to remind myself it's only a few more months...then the thesis is done. Then the UK, I defend and summer comes. Then - LIFE. Hurry up life. Hurry up.

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azusmom said...

Sometimes a good sweatfest is the best cure for life's crud!
I hope everything is good soon.