Monday, Monday, da daaah, dah da daaaaah da...

By sunday night I felt normalish again...the point where you feel your muscles and it feels cool but you don't wince when you try to sit down too quickly. I'm really gaining muscle tone on the bottom I am. It's encouraging. I'll try and keep the squeaking to a minimum tho :)
Sunday I got more thesis work done and then J and I relaxed. I had a bit of cottage cheese that had to be used up so I made up some cottage cheese pumpkin pancakes for breakfast - I wrote down the recipe so I can make them again. So good! I also made my St. Paddy's day annual meal a day late (since J had to work on saturday) proper Irish stew with pork tenderloin with some cottage dill bread my robot and I whipped up on saturday. I got a bit more done on the thesis. Good weekend...

This morning I was up and in to the gym on a foggy morning. Since friday went well I figured I'd do it again. So I did ZWOW 9 (3 rounds through in just over 10 min) and a Bodyrock bootylover workout, with all extras (did the weighted cooldown through twice). I've got that feeling you get when you've worked hard...muscle fatigue but not soreness. It feels good to push myself. I am finding these kinds of exercises far more interesting than just plain cardio. I still have spin and sculpt class for that. I'm trying to get some variation in.
I have been putting these workouts into my phone, but I think I'm going to breakdown and get a book to write them in. On days like to day when I forget my interval timer I use my phone or watch as a timer and then the screensaver kicks in and it's most annoying :) Plus I think it would be neat to look at later and see what I've been up to.
Anyways...I'm going to nibble on some cottage cheese and raspberries and a handful of granola and get to my day. Happy monday :)

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