Note to self: wear pants to work

Last night I managed to tidy up the house a bit and attack some laundry, have a hot shower and then make a tasty supper before getting in an hour or so on my thesis. I wish it had been more thesis time, but it is a little more sane in the house, and I can't go to work naked, so this seemed a good compromise. J works late wednesdays and so I can run about and get lots of chores and thesis work done and not feel like I'm ignoring him.
I'm hooked on baked sweet potatoes with a bit of cumin, cinnamon and cayenne right now. Had them for supper last night with an instant chicken. Yum...

This morning was spin and sculpt class as well as some tasty chocolate protein chia oats. I have much to do, so I must dash. Just wanted to log before I ran off to the lab.
Have a great day :)

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