Windy city

Last night we had HUGE windstorm. My city is called the windy city for a reason. With the river valley, springtime can be insanely windy and last night the world got a good start to spring. It's warmed up considerably here to unseasonably warm (+11 C yay!) and so we've got crazy winds as all the snow melts. You'd never guess we got dumped on with a lot of snow a week or so ago. It's nearly all brown again. Of course now you can see all the leaves we never got to raking because it rained and then snowed so much in the fall, but hey. I figured we'd be living in mudland for ages and I'm glad to see it melting and drying up fast. Spring (and all it's sneezy wonders) is definitely on it's way. Unfortunately for me, between the wind making the huge tree in our back yard wave around like a metronome (very creepy) and the cats howling at the wind and the plastic winter guards coming off our deck screens and making an annoying flappy noise most of the night I got very little sleep...usually I sleep through this stuff, but I went to bed last night rather moody and down with all the work I still have yet to do on my thesis and how my house is a war zone...and it just wasn't a good night. I very rarely can't sleep, so I'm feeling it. I'm hoping to get a lot of work done tonight, but we shall see. It may be naptime when I get home first...

Thankfully this morning my favourite spin teacher was teaching class so I wandered in bleary eyed to class for a 45 minute heart pumping workout. I did a bit of ab stuff after and called it a day. I'm so glad I make it a priority to eat well. Last night I set up a bowl of chia overnight cocoa protein oats (currently my favourite breakfast) so I have a yummy start to what I hope will not be too crazy of a day. I have a feeling it will be a looooooooong one. Courage :)

I hope you all have a great day. I am trying to figure out what I'm going to do about the yard - if you have any suggestions, I'd love them. I like yardwork, but there just isn't time right now...and my allergies go nutso this time of year. J's work keeps him away form the yard in the daylight will be a bit of a challenge to get the yard looking slightly less dilapidated. I keep hoping a neighborhood kid will come by and offer to rake...I'd take him up on it. Perhaps some midnight raking is in order :)

PS - Happy Pi day :)

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azusmom said...

Happy Pi Day to you!
Sorry, I have no suggestions for your yard, other than hunting down the neighborhood kid and leading and/or bribing.
Hope all is well soon!!!!