I need a time turner

This morning I was tired after an evening of working on my thesis. I really wish the evenings were longer. I just get into the groove and get working and all of a sudden I find it's time to sleep. I can't always hit that groove on the weekends and I can't stay up to stupid o'clock and do my new job, so I have to try and just get done as much as I can when I can . I'm hoping I can work a lot though this weekend and get more hammered out on the sections I'm working on. I'll be getting back my first 2 sections form my supervisor tomorrow (covered in red ink no doubt), so I'll have that to tend to as well.
I am very excited though, as we booked our flights for the trip. We don't have to fly through the states, which makes travel so much simpler...Me he heee! It's all for real now :) I'm so very excited...this is DEFINITELY a goal to work towards. Must finish thesis to go out for review before we go. :)

This morning I came in for spin and sculpt class. It's a new routine for March so that was nice to change things up a bit. It felt good to sweat and get ready for the day. Now I've got to get to work. I have lab freezers to defrost, paperwork to do and general awesomeness all about me that requires my love and attention.

To the lab!!


azusmom said...

OK, now I'm picturing you as "Lab Girl'" in a white lab cape, mask, and "LG" on the front of your Superhero Scientist uniform.
Able to (insert something scientific here)in a single bound!
It's THAT kind of day.
Have a good one!

Geosomin said...

OH. Dude.
Yo know Now have to make that costume.

Yum Yucky said...

yes, my dear. Please be attending to your general awesomeness. That must not be left undone.