Well hello there adrenaline. How I've missed you :)

Oh lordy. What I can do. I love it. :)

Last night after work I went over to the gym and had a nice workout. Some shoulder weights, pushups, dive bombers, squat leg lifts, abs and time on the bike. I felt AMAZING afterwards. I had a gong show of a bus ride getting home (took over an hour) but got home and made an awesome healthy bento supper of sticky rice balls (heart shaped. me hee.) with some ginger pork and broccoli. YUM. By then it was pretty much time to gear up for today, make our lunches and then get to bed. Working out after work was fun but the bus schedule transition sucks horribly, making for a short evening at home. Good day though. :)

This morning I got up and came in for my spin and sculpt class. I stayed easy on the tension and watched my knee in the lunges and I think it went OK. Lucky me, there were 60 pushups as part of the workout today. Oh my arms...jello! I feel really good though. I've had breakfast and now it's time for one kick-ass day - I'm all fired up. I have to finish up a few things for the end of the month at work, but I have so much energy :) I'm hoping it carries with me.

A coworker had a great idea yesterday and I'm going to try and incorporate it - instead of getting up stupidly early every day, one way I could get more sleep is to workout some days at noon and just get up stupidly early tuesday and thursday for my spin and sculpt class (I like it a lot). Normally I'd go try out the lunchtime bootcamp class here on campus, but it's hard to get there and back and workout all in 1 hour. The beauteous thing about my new job, which I'd forgotten about, is it's more managerial, which means flextime. Which means if I came in 30 minutes early or stayed 30 minutes late I theoretically *could* work out at lunch a few days a week. There are also a lot of shorter workouts I could do at home some days that take less than 30 minutes like Zuzanna's ZWODS or some DVDs I have, so I'm going t try and mix it up a bit and see how to stay active and still get more sleep.

Any suggestions?

I leave you with an old favourite chilled song of mine. IT came up on the ipod this AM on the long dark bus ride...mades me smile :) Have a good day!

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azusmom said...

You could also try Tabatas. They suck eggs, but they're effective & quick, lol!