Today I feel...normal. No aches. My back feels OK and my knee is OK too. (Knock on wood)
Tomorrow I think I'll come in for an easy workout and do some swimming thursday. I've been missing it. I admit it has been nice to come in to work early, and have time for a hot breakfast (mmm...oatmeal with an egg whipped in and maple syrup) but I really feel jiggly :) It will be good to sweat a bit...I feel like I'm neglecting myself.

My Dad is coming into town for some errands and we are going out for supper for his birthday next week since he is in town. It will be good to see him for a little bit...I must run. Lots to do...

Have a great day!

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Charlotte said...

Great news all around! Nothing makes you appreciate working body parts more than having them heal up after an injury! And have fun with your daddy!!