Reunited and it feels so good

Well well. After a nice evening visiting with Dad and the family and a nice supper out, I crawled out of bed at the "normal" time and got in to work out again. The cats were sufficiently confused, but happy to see me back up at the proper earliest possible feeding time :) 5:20 comes very early...

I wasn't sure what to do after so long off and didn't want to backfire and hurt myself so I didn't go to bootcamp like regular wednesdays. It looked like there's a new instructor and I'm really excited to be in there next week. She had steps and the spin bikes and all kinds of things and had them yelling and counting down and really into it, all working hard...I kept looking in there wistfully, but I know I would have done some damage to myself after so long away, and my knee needs a bit of easing into things I can tell. I made up a workout that was heavy on upper body with bicep curls, tricep extensions, chest presses, shoulder raises, some ab stuff and some one legged deadlifts. I did a few squats with no weights to see how my knee would like it and it seemed to be alright, altho it got stiff after 2 sets so I stopped at that and hopped onto he bike for 25 minutes of HIIT biking and then hit the showers. Man it feels good to just be in to do something. I admit I wasn't full out hard core, but I was there, doing things and I know if I'm smart about it I can slowly ramp my way back up to where I was. The jiggle I feel will fade and I'll be back to the usual me. I have a meeting/training thing tomorrow off campus all day so I won't be in to the gym at all, so I will likely do a home workout tomorrow...perhaps my trusty old ball workout DVD or the Women of Power bellydance DVD. We shall see how it far so good :)

Tonight Dad is staying with us so I won't get a lot of thesis work done, but it should be a nice evening. I'm hoping to hole up a bit this weekend and get some solid writing done. I've put my personal life first lately, which has been glorious, but there's been not a lot of thesis work accomplished. I have another meeting with my new counscellor on friday so I'm hoping she can help me figure out a balance in my mind and go with it...i's tricky.

Hope you all have a great day. I'm off to the lab :)

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Yum Yucky said...

Ahhh. So much going on. Keep healing. Keeping taking care of YOU and keep on keepin' on. (and you've reminded me that biceps and triceps need to be on my workout plate in the morning)