Hear me baby hold together

Hmmm...I was going to come in to work out this AM with my knee being back to normal, but somehow on friday night I slept wrong on *something* and my left shoulder blade has a wicked kinky lump in it...so I didn't work out today. I don't have a full range of motion and it hurts off and on. I put heat packs on it over the weekend and I'm hoping it will will work it's way out today...I'm worried I would really hurt myself if I tried to workout now. It feels a bit better today. Man...I'm falling apart! :)

Instead I slept in a bit and made up some oatmeal with an egg whipped in, with a bit of maple syrup, milk and banana and came in to work a bit early. I figure I might as well use my time well. I had a relaxing weekend. Made lots of tasty food (including some of the best pizza I have ever made, some cheese rolls and pumpkin peanut butter soup...oh man). Relaxed a lot with J and really felt like a "normal" weekend. Those have been so very very rare. It was exactly what the 2 of us needed. I feel very centred and other than the whole random shoulder thing, I'm ready for another week.

Hope you all have a great day. I'm going to hunt down a cup of coffee and get ready for a day of poking around the old chemistry pharmacy building on campus inventorying cool old machines. I love that kind of stuff...should be fun!

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azusmom said...

Youch! Our bodies send us messages, sometimes subtly and, when we don't listen, not-so-subtly, lol!
There are times when we need to rest and take care of things on the home front. There's time later to get back to the gym!
Glad you had a good weekend!