Monday already...

Today I slept in, due to a late night. J is working late, so I am going to go workout and then go home. I'm not sure if I will like it, but it will help me get some activity into my day. The counsellor I'm seeing wants me to put equal attention towards getting more sleep - to cut back workouts if need be to 3 days a week. While I balked at this initially I then began to wonder why it bothered me so much. I couldn't workout from healing up from a strain anyways until a few days ago. So...I am torn. For her it was the lack of sleep thing not the exercise thing...I want both. I am trying to figure out how to make that happen. I don't know. For now I'm going to try this mondays and do spin and sculpt and boot class...then figure out what to do to be active on the weekends. Usually I'd just go for walks and not count it as an official workout but winters here it is so easy to hibernate and do nothing...being out int he cold is no fun at all. It's challenging. I may ask her why only 3 days a week when I see her. I don't see why I couldn't sleep in 3o minutes on 2 days a week and just cut back workouts.
Then I wonder why it bothers me at all.


This weekend I tried a new recipe - butternut squash and spinach curry. Very healthy and yummy. I also broke out the bread maker and made some delish whole wheat bread for us. I'm going to focus on eating healthy, especially if I will be working out means I have to change my caloric intake a bit. It's all very wierd.
We shall try this moderation thing and see how getting more sleep helps. I may need to go to bed earlier if I want to get up to workout. These are all adjustments to look at.
You never know :)
If all else fails, it's only until I am done my thesis...then my schedule reboots again.


azusmom said...

Just when you think you have it all figured out...
In my 20's I spent all my free time working out. And I wondered why I'd spent so much time worried about my weight; I had the answer! Then I got married and had my kids, and I couldn't spend as much time at the gym. It's still a challenge trying to find that balance. Bu you'll get there!
(One solution I've found is getting the family involved: we go rollerblading,or out for a walk, or swimming in the summer. Maybe there are things the two of you can do together?)

Suzie Thomas said...

Choose the exercises such that it works well for you and try to vary your exercise routine at least once in 2 months. This helps you to practice various abdominal exercise and thus will keep you interested in the workout regime. It is important to remember that there are no real quick fixes and the only way to get proven results is by making sure you are eating right and exercising properly.