Too many jocks spoil the...

I was up and in this AM for my Workout A + abfest + 28 minutes on the stairclimber. I was a little worried today might not happen since I woke up at 2 AM with a killer headache, but a banana and advils seemed to do the trick. Woke up as usual at 530 and felt just fine. The gym is full of loud bellowing, back slapping, grunting's tryout times for football and volleyball. Thankfully if I get in my weights stuff first before 7 I miss most of them. They're very polite and aren't rude or ogley but it makes it so crowded. Soon they'll pare down the numbers and it won't be so bad...nothing like doing walking lunges through a crowd of linebackers. So very odd...

My Dad is home from visiting my sister in Ontario so tonight is family night. A little chinese food and hopefully a few games.
Looking forward to it.
I'm feeling rather good today. After a day of house chores and catching up on a few things like taking down the christmas tree I took in the recyclables and used my booty to go to Value Village (woo) and got some new (to me) jeans, a skirt and some nice sweaters for work. I now have a few more nice work things and only spent $40...:) Nothing like a new pair of brand name jeans that actually fit and nice hooded red button up sweater to make me feel all swanky.

Have a nice day :) I'm off to the lab...


azusmom said…
Love getting new clothes!!!!
I once spent a trans-Atlantic flight sitting in the midst of a Liverpool soccer team. They were very nice, but it was a boisterous flight, lol!
Have a great time tonight!

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