Nausea oh nausea, rock on.

As is the usual, in January people come back to the gym and for whatever reason try to attempt feats of fitness that they are just not ready for. Exhibit A: this morning, a new guy who looked relatively healthy was pushing himself with weights and then, while on a rower, went all pale and shaky and was sick on the floor and just couldn't get back to normal. The EMTs came to take him in for a checkup just to be safe. I'm glad he's OK.
I'll never get that. With the low blood pressure I have when I feel dizzy I stop. Right there. I have to or I faint...which hurts. Unlike the movies you do not gracefully collapse on a soft object. If you're lucky someone will catch you and you won't bruise yourself. If not...well, gravity is a harsh mistress :)
Pushing yourself to the point of puking just doesn't do it for me. If you've been active for a while then you have a better feeling of what you can do and how far to push yourself...but to do something so hard you barf? I know a few people who have done so accidentally (your first spin class seems to be notorious for this sort of thing)...but why should you push yourself this hard?
Seriously. How can people convince themselves that is normal? It's not. It really isn't. It's you body telling you to back the f*** off and ease into things.

This AM felt good...I went in for workout B and 28 minutes on the elliptical. I didn't do a lot of abwork after as my abs were still painful form the 2 previous day's exercise classes - just the parts that didn't ache. Last night my abs HURT. That will teach me to take 10 days off and jump right in where I left off :)

And now...another day. Last night was a busy regular old sort of day and it reminded me (*whimper*) what "normal" life is like with school and work. How I must get back to the crazy overworking for a few more months to finish. I really REALLY don't want to...but I must. I must finish. I've caught up on most of my chores and now, there is just my thesis looming over me. It's daunting...but I have to pick away at it. Soon I will be done. Soon. Summer. *gulp* That seems so far way from now...

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azusmom said...

I blame "The Biggest Loser," in part, for the whole "exercise 'til you puke" phenomenon. Every new season, it seems that they have more and more closeups of contestants vomiting into buckets during the "last-chance" workouts.
Yeah, nice.
And then there are workouts like "Barry's Bootcamp," which actively encourage participants to throw up. Everyone who does so gets a t-shirt attesting to the fact.