instant injury

I woke up this morning with a very stiff, slightly sore knee. Weirdness. It almost was this happened I have no idea, as I was fine when I went to bed. I decided to come in for spin and sculpt but kept the tension low on the bike and did not do any lunges or squats. It's still stiff, but I"m hoping it will work itself out. If it's sore tomorrow I will definitely ditch boot camp, as there are always lots of things in it to stress my knee and that would not help. J and I are going away for a romantic weekend this weekend (I can't wait!) and nothing would be less romantic than me limping about. SO I will be nice to myself and see what happens. I hate the fact that my knee can just do this. I think I tried too much too fast after a week off perhaps...a little warning would have been good to let me know to stop tho. This is all rather sudden...and usually requires me doing nothing for a few days to let it heal up. Grrr.
Some times I hate my knee.

Last night was nice though. A nice visit and chinese meal (yum) out with the family. J had to work so I ordered some kung pao chicken to take home for the 2 of us to have tonight for supper. Yum. no cooking for me. Ha HA!

And so I must be off. Work to do. and then there's that dang thesis...

Later taters.


Yum Yucky said...

oh gawsh. I sure hope that knees goes un-stiff soon. We definitely can't have you limping during romance. I'm also doing romance this weekend. It's my anniversary!

azusmom said...

Happy anniversary, Yum!
And I second what Yum says: hoe your knee is feeling better STAT!