I wish I could say I got a lot of thesis work done last night.
Instead I was reminded of household chemistry like a newbie first year chemist. Soaps are a base. Vinegar is an acid. So, mix the 2 and you get a sludge. Which is harder to remove than the stain I was trying to get out in the first place...whoops. :) Ah well...I got a tiny rug steamer for christmas and I'm trying to clean up all the areas our older cat has decided Online hints for cleaning said mix Borax and vinegar...I had no Borax so I just used the soap that came with the steamer. Now I know better. Wash and THEN rinse with vinegar water. All is nice and clean now. Hopefully fur ball will take the hint. It's nice to have a little shampooer/cleaner for this kind of stuff, altho I am glad to have a dark carpet or I'm sure you'd really tell the dirty parts from the cleaned areas...

This AM was spin and sculpt. No dizzies today-a solid workout. There was a new guy in our class today...he seemed to have a great time and after the spin part he looked at me and went "yeah!" and gave me a high 5. It was cool. Made me smile. I love when people are into things...makes it more fun.
Must be off. Lots to do...I'm slowly remembering what the chaos is like. Time to hop in with both feet and get to it...
Have a great day!


azusmom said…
I love it when people are happy during their workouts. It's infectious. The other day at yoga the instructor said "Gently release your left hip. Flex your foot. Turn the corners of your mouth up." It made us all laugh, and lightened the mood considerably.
Good luck with all your work and studies, and happy new year!
Redbush said…
We have a new pup in our household, so I understand when you say the rug needs cleaning. Everytime he looks like he wants to start wandering, I'm heading him to the door to take him outside to do his business. The latter has worked quite well, except for the odd accident. I'm glad you're having fun at your workouts.

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