Feeling groovy

Yesterday was cool. I got to spend all day on a government committee helping them draft ideas for the new laws that will govern use and transport of biohazards and toxins.
Did I mention that I love my new job?
I didn't workout yesterday, as I didn't come in to campus for anything. I didn't workout this AM, but it was for a good reason I think. Last night the crew of us that gather to throw great gatherings (we call ourselves Enchanted Groove, after our first big "thing") gathered. Not to plan, but to talk about what we want to do as a group. Why *we* are there and what we get out of it. At the end, over beer we all went around and talked about what we appreciated/liked about each other and how we all fit in to the group. Talk about your warm fuzziness. There were actual tears...it's a really cool thing to be a part of a group like this. We are half guys half girls, and while J and I are the oldest by a year, a few others are close to our ages and the rest are younger by about 10 years. But we all "fit" and we are all different with different skills and ideas who all love to come together for the joy of music and making other people happy.
I always give without expecting a thanks and for the joy it brings me. To hear back from people that what I do matters. That they notice?
I feel great :)
The downside of it all was we got home about midnight. Rather than spend a long meeting today struggling to be awake, I thought getting 6 whole hours of sleep would be a good thing. So I slept in, made some protein oats with a banana and came in to work ready for the day. We might go out dancing tonight...we'll play it by ear. And this weekend is thesis time. I think I'm ready for an attack...
I have another counselling session today. I'm looking forward to it. I'm hoping this will really be the year of positivity. Keeping a gratitude journal has been forcing me to appreciate different things and be more positive this week-I thought it was kind of corny to begin with but I'm seeing the benefit now.
Have a great weekend you guys :)

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