Thank goodness it's friday

Ah. Finally friday.
I've enjoyed my leisurely week of sleeping in a bit and getting up to a healthy breakfast. Coming in early to work has been nicely relaxing too. Thankfully my knee feels pretty much normal today, so by monday I can come in for a workout again. Which is good. I feel very thick around the middle. The thing I appreciate about my workouts so much is they give me more energy, but they also give me a bit of leeway as far as what I can eat on a daily basis. Without that balance I'm finding that I eat more than I should for being less active...and am not burning it off. I definitely could not keep this up long term, or I would find my horizons rapidly expanding :).

It was so cold this week that our car battery died. Spent most of yesterday getting it towed somewhere so that it can have the battery swapped out this morning. It will be nice having it back. It should be good the rest of the winter from now on. I can get around and do my thing by bus but J works out where there is pathetic bus service and it takes him over an hour to get to work by bus...not practical at all.

I am quite tired this morning for reasons I do not understand...but thankfully I just have to make it through friday and I can relax a bit. Tonight J has a a show to work so I will work some on my thesis (do I know how to rock a friday or what?) and then do some work on the weekend too. A friend of mine has invited me out for a weekend of snowshoing and it sounds lovely...but I just can't right now. I have to make an effort to try and schedule work into my life. To be present and work on things in my head bit. It will come...slowly but surely.

Must be off. I get to go rummage around the old science building on campus today...should be fun )
Later taters...

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Hopefully you have your car back soon, running smoothly.