I will survive!

Whew. What a whirlwind November has been. I feel like I will survive though. Almost done. The worst of it is over now. I hope you all had a good past few weeks...mine are a bit of a caffeine enhanced blur to be honest...
I've compiled my 45 page thesis summary report complete with 14 figures and 11 tables and it's pretty swanky. I have to give a talk to my committee about it thursday, but the bulk of the work is done now. Hopefully they'll approve what they see and I can star digging into my thesis.

My new job has been great, although I've been in a bit of an exhausted haze until today what with pulling near-all-nighters for my report. Thankfully, I kept it together, and things got done. My new job has been a lot of fun so far, and after a weekend away with friends at a Star Wars themed dance party (at which I won best costume - heh heh) I feel refreshed and a bit more myself. I had a lot of naps over the weekend and caught up on my sleep a little bit. I enjoyed the 5 hour car ride to Edmonton and back with J...just got to sit and visit and not be busy. It was so nice.
And I'm back to a more normal 6 hours a night, and hope to bump that up some more this week to get back to normal again. Not being exhausted is a good feeling...I really pushed myself as far as I could to get everything done and I couldn't have kept that up much longer. I'm trying to decide just how busy I want to be form this point on. I've decided that I'll work hard to try and get my thesis in and approved for the April deadline for spring convocation, but if I don't, so be it. My sanity is worth an extra month of tuition.

This AM I was up and in to the gym for my workout A + 28 minutes on the stairclimber + my ablest. I feel rather good so far. Here's hoping this week is a much more sane one.

Have a great day everyone! Here's a little remake of a good old song by a favourite band of mine to start your day :)

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azusmom said...

Wow!!!!` You are Superwoman!!!!!!
You can't see me, but I'm laying (lying?) prostrate at your feet.