Wow...missed a few days there!
Well thursday was spin and sculpt and friday was nap :) I was up until 5 finishing a draft, so I needed it. I got a bit of recouping on the weekend with more work and this week is the last of the crazy edit work. The document is due thursday. Thank frog.
Other than shovelling snow on the weekend, not much fitness related to tell. I did get to go shopping for a few new clothes which was nice. Still can't adjust to the whole size 6 thing...

This AM I came in for workout A + abfest + 27 minutes on stair master.
Must dash.
Crazytown awaits :)


azusmom said...

It's the most wonderful-er-insane time of the year.
You're almost there!!!!!

Geosomin said...

Thanks...I just have to keep going.