snooze time

I was going to get up and hop on the elliptical at home for a bit before coming in to the lab for my last (*sniff* and hooray at the same time) experiment in my laboratory. But I slept right thru the alarm and woke up an hour after it was set for...with just enough time to shower, have breakfast and catch the bus in to work...I figure I needed the sleep more than the exercise then!

It's been a long day in the lab finishing up the last of the work left I can do for people here...and now I'm settling things up to go home and relax with J tonight. The rest of the weekend is work like a slave. I am starting to panic -I need a draft of my thesis outline with detailed graphs by friday and I've had writers block a lot's just overwhelming at times staring at all the data. Summarizing it all is not so easy. Last night I'm annoyed to say I accomplished next to nothing...very frustrating. But I will keep at it. They'll get what I could put together by the submission date. It's all I can do, really. Just keep at it.

My brain is rather fried from doing 2 days work in 1 today (tim manajmint...I haz it!) so I don't think I could do much data summary tonight even if I wanted to. I might spend an hour at it and see if anything comes to be, but I'll likely end up just relaxing with J for a bit. He's finally not sick anymore (yay!) and he too has been busy all day at work to broadcast the local remembrance day ceremonies. I figured it was a good day for me to come in and work too, and we'll likely both be up for some serious vegging tonight...

It's SO weird to think I won't be working in this lab anymore...very weird may be a while indeed before I do any experimental things until the new lab is set up. How odd...

Anyways...I must analyze today's results and then head home. Hope you all took the time to remember those who've sacrificed themselves for your country. I hope you have a lovely weekend. :)


You have so much going on! Hope you do take time to rest!!!
azusmom said…
Yeah, what Jody said.

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