There's something about Mimi

It was Mimi's (the awesome boot camp instructor's) last spin class this morning. I thought I'd take it to push myself. Whew! She does a lot of different things that really break it up - and challenge you to push yourself. This morning I gave it my all and had a real solid workout. Bonus is she always ends the class on time so I had time for my pushup challenge (40! Woo! Yes lots of those were girly but still!) AND a nice long shower and doing my's J's birthday today so I'd like to look nice :) I haven't had longer hair in about 6 years and so I'm relearning how to style it again now that it's past my shoulders again. I didn't really know what to do with it before, so this is all new to me!
I'm so glad J has taken the day off work just cuz it's his birthday and will be relaxing at home and reading and doing whatever pops into his head today. I left him in bed wih the cats and breakfast in bed and his present (I've had it since comicon and I've been dying to give it to him). It's been a busy month for him and he deserves the time to relax. Tonight the plan is to make him his fave meal (almond crust chicken and spaghetti squash with tapioca pudding for dessert) and we'll catch up on Doctor Who.
Love that man :)

I've got chia overnight oats again for breakfast...this time with an apricot. It's crazy how much I love this stuff. It's just different than anything I've ever had. I know I can't have it every day...or CAN I? Heh...soooo good :) Yay for crazy new foods!
Have a great day everyone. I know I will!


azusmom said...

Yay! Happy birthday to J!!!! Enjoy "Doctor Who." It's a doozy, lol!

Jody - Fit at 53 said...

J is one lucky man!!!! Hope it was wonderful for you both! ;-)