Stairmaster 101

This morning I was up and in to workout after a lovely relaxing evening. I did my workout B with abfest and then thought I'd try something new - the stairmaster. I don't think I've ever used one since I tried getting in shape years ago way back in university. I recalled not liking it then, but I didn't like exercise at all back I figured I'd give it another chance - I want to find something else to do other than my cardio on the bike (ho hum) after weight training. I figured since I've built up enough muscle strength around my knees now, as long as I'm careful with my form, this should not cause a problem. I put on some good tunes and tried a hill program and at first I thought "well this isn't very hard"...and then it got harder....and by the end of the 27 minutes I'd burned 180 calories (as much as I would have on the bike), had my heart rate WAY up there and was dripping I guess it was good for me! My legs feel a bit jiggly, but my knee doesn't appear to have any complaints, so it's gonna be added to the list. They say to shake things up for your body every once in a while - hope fully doing this once a week will be a good change for my body, along with a few spin and sculpt classes here and there.

This weekend J and I are going up to the lake to visit Dad for a few days and then I'm going to stay on a bit longer to visit before coming back. I was going to stay all week, but it turns out I'm off to Vancouver for the next thurs-sunday for work and training (and a mini visit with family after). Wohoo! I'll bring my MSc data along and try and be good and do a little work at the lake and not fall behind. I'm sort of at a lull with my data now, waiting (and waiting and waiting...grrrr...) for statistical advice from people who are just now back from holidays -the person who was going to help me is on sabbatical in I'm stuck. I am glad to have found a new website with some workouts you can do anywhere that only use body weight or a 5Lb weight - I wrote out a few of them and will take my workout gear along to try and fit in some workouts when I can. There will be a gym where I'm staying in Vancouver so that will be easier...but I'm determined to still keep up to 5 days of working out a week - whatever I can get in there. I may even sneak in a run/walk at the lake for old time's sake, even if it bugs my's so gorgeous up there.
I think I can I think I can I think I can...:)

Music to go up 125 flights of stairs to: Plastic Compilation 2, including an old fave Water from a Vine Leaf by William Orbit

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