Pit Stop

Well I'm home for a day. Whew! This AM after being up late after getting home from visiting my Dad, unpacking, doing laundry and repacking for Vancouver I came in to workout before work. I wasn't feeling great (tired) so I did the spin and sculpt class this morning. A solid workout. Could have been a bit harder, but it was a good overall workout...good for me. I'm still a bit sore from my bootcamp run at the lake so I don't think I could have done too much more this AM.

On the weekend at the lake J and I went for lots of long walks and we didn't eat too badly (other than some delicious wine...ahem), but it wasn't until tuesday morning I got in a super hardcore workout up there. I did my own mini bootcamp and then went for a 3Km jog/walk after. I didn't run the whole way, but as much of it as I could...the weather was gorgeous. I had to go out for a run through the forest. I loved every minute...but oh did I ache the next day! My knee was forgiving and isn't too mad at me. I wish I could run more often. :)

My cabin improvised boot camp was 3 rounds through the following:
-15 pushups
-10 around the world squat+kicks (squat + kick front, squat + kick side, squat + kick back) on each leg
-15 one legged bulgarian squats (each leg)
-15 planks with knee into my chest then out extended back up behind me as high as possible
-15 step ups onto a chair with raised knee
-5 bent knee repeated back lunges (each side)
-10 back lunges raised up into forward kicks and back (each leg)
-20 boxer punches forward, each arm
-high knee marching for 30 seconds

Must run. It's one crazy day of work and then off to Vancouver for training for the weekend.
Have a great weekend everyone :)


azusmom said...

Sounds like a pretty tough workout to me! :)
Have a great weekend! (I gotta get to Vancouver someday...)

Sagan said...

Nice bootcamp!

I've never been to Vancouver - but the boyfriend and I are hoping very much that we'll be able to move there in a few years. Everything I've heard about it sounds amazing.