Last night J and I went out and stocked up on healthy food. Not the most exciting evening, but all there was was bachelor chow since I haven't been home much for a few weeks! I have my chia overnight oats with nectarine in it this AM - I threw in a bit of low fat greek yogurt to bulk up the protein. Yowza - it's so thick...yum. Not sure if I'll do it all the time, but variety is a good thing :)
This AM I did the spin and sculpt class...and wow. My quads ACHE as I'm sitting here right now...after I foam rolled them after class. Yeah - I think she's taken a few comments to heart because she's definitely ramped class up a bit - she definitely kicked my ass this morning...some of the tricep dips and lunges I had to rest during as I chose a 15Lb body bar in a fit of zealous fitness fury and it was a bit too high for some moves-I just couldn't finish them no matter how hard I tried. At least I know I had a thorough all over workout this morning...hope my quads let up though or tomorrow will be a stiff one. I've got a healthy salad lunch with tuna and I'm looking forward to a long productive day here and at home. Tonight I have a lot of organizing and planning to do for my project and want to prep some healthy soups and lunches for the rest of the week. My new Vegetarian Times came and it's full of tasty squash recipes...after reading it on the bus this AM I'm already daydreaming about squash EVERYTHING!
On to victory!

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azusmom said...

Maybe I'm weird...OK, scratch that, I'm DEFINITELY weird. But I love grocery shopping! I dropped the kids off at school yesterday and immediately went to Trader Joe's to stock up for the week. Pure zen!