Well, I'm back again :)
I had a great weekend in Vancouver. I lucked out with my hotel and was told I was a few blocks from the ocean, so I got up friday morning (after being picked up at the airport in a silver Miata -bwaha!) and went for a 40 minute jog along the waterfront before my all day training session. It was FANTASTIC. The weather in Vancouver was sunny and amazing the whole time I was there and I had a great time.
...and friday I had sushi twice :)
Saturday I hung out with family and was good foodwise until the snacks came out. Eep. Something about being on holidays and me and snacking...there was pear cider and raspberry ale too. I tend to just ignore everything when I'm on a holiday. Sunday before I left we went for what has to be the best dimsum I've ever had, complete with mango coconut bubble tea. He heh. I love dimsum...and this was supremely incredible on every level, complete with a trip after to the giant 3 floor chinese $2 store - where I got a bunch of stuff for making sushi and rice molds and a bento box...and a few ridiculous things for J and some stationary for me that has a bunny eating cake on it that says "I am happy because of the cake!" on it...he hee. On the plane home I did not have much time for food (and honestly was still full from dimsum), until an extended stopover late halfway on my way home, where the only thing left open in the airport was a pub where I ended up having a side of fries and a beer. Yeah. I know...bad. It was that or other fried pub food and snacks or horrid coffee, so I ate a sad looking apple from the newsstand and then figured if I was going to have something bad for me I should try and keep it small and it should at least taste good. Demented logic I know, but I tried. I started off so well with bringing my own healthy breakfast to the hotel and running and having sushi...and it sort of nosedived after that. I feel bloated and blech...add PMS to it all and I'm feeling huge. I need to plan for travel better. I just don't travel much, so I forget the complete lack of healthy options in airports.
I had a good time tho. :)
And I know I can work on things. And I will.
This AM, even tho I got back very very late I crawled out of bed at stupid o'clock go into workout with my workout A + abfest + 25 minutes on the stairclimber. After a healthy breakfast of muesli and a banana and a decent chicken bean salad for lunch and I'm going to try and claw my way back to healthy land again. I have no holidays for a while now...just me and my kitchen with no delicious fresh seafood to taunt me :)
By christmas I am determined to be back at my preholiday state. It's on. It has to be. I can't keep adding on a few pounds here and there and not go back down again. It makes me angry that I can lose weight but then, with very little time it comes back, just by me being less than diligent. I'm stronger than that...and I know if I don't catch myself now, I'll regret it. I can recover from 8 or 9 Lbs if I keep at it. I don't like the thought of counting calories again, but I brought it on myself...so I will do what needs to be done to get things back where I feel comfortable again...
And so let the time of restraint begin...

Music to run by the ocean while grinning like a nutter to: Chemical Brothers - burst generator

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