cramps de jour

This morning my quads or arms didn't hurt until the end of my workout, which surprised me, as they sure hurt yesterday after class from the lunges and armwork with the 15Lb weight bar in class. I wasn't sure if I'd be in today at all since last night I spent a few hours curled up in a ball with some of the worst abdominal cramps I've had in long long time...J was very concerned when he got home late from work...thankfully they let off around midnight so I could get a bit of sleep. This AM I woke up right before my alarm, so i figured it meant I should come and workout. I count myself lucky that I don't get cramps often...
And I had a decent workout - my workout B (minus the quad machine I usually do in it, since my quads were tortured the day before) and an added set of cable rows. I varied up my abfest a bit, using dumbells for the obliques instead of side crunches and I didn't do any cartwheel crunches, since I'd done a whack of them yesterday in class. Add on 26 minutes of cardio on intervals on the elliptical and I figure it was a solid workout.
And I had more of my chia overnight oats with nectarine again for breakfast-yum.

Last night conspired to keep me from getting data worked on (between cleaning up catmess and fighting with my laptop battery and then cramps de jour) so I'm hoping tonight I can get a bit more done. I've hammered out a deadline for when I need all my ducks in a row for my permission to write meeting at the end of November so it is, as they say, ON.
I am tired, but I shall get down to it when get home and settle in at the computer for some data mining before I head to bed (I hope) a bit early.
Holiday's over kiddies. Time for a bit of the old slave labour again!


azusmom said...

Yikes! I'm glad you're feeling better!
No go line up those water fowl (cracks whip).

Old She dragon said...

Monthly cramps? I made my daughter a rice bag for them. You make a little cotton bag about 6 X 8 and fill it with dried raw rice and sew it closed. When you have the cramps, put it in the microwave on high about 3 minutes,then have it next to the ache. It does help especially if you are able to be in bed too. You can make a removable cover to fit outside so you can wash the cover without getting the rice wet.

Geosomin said...

what a great idea! Thanks - I'll have to try that :)