New hotness

Today is new furnace day. Goodbye money!
Ah will be nice to not worry about the furnace - it's VERY old and inefficient and the wiring is brittle. It's already cracked and arced once on us and actually made a hole in the furnace casing (luckily we were home so no real damage done)'s only a matter of time until it starts a fire...since replacing all the wiring is nearly the cost of a new furnace, we're moving on up to a more efficient one. I will be working at home while the workers do their thing. Hopefully all goes well and it comes in on quote.
This morning I crawled out of bed and drove in to the gym to workout to get awake for my day. Workout B + 26 minutes on the hill program on the stairclimber (200 calories - woo!) and my abfest. Now that I'm home I think I'll concoct up a big old smoothie for breakfast and try and get some work done while the furnace dudes do their thing. We shall see...

Hope you all have a great day and a great weekend !


azusmom said...

Sounds like the new furnace is totally worth it (and necessary!). And you'll probably end up saving a bunch on energy costs, so maybe you'll recoup your money?
Have fun at home today!!!!

Yum Yucky said...

Gaaah. We had a water heater replacement earlier this year. I'm wondering how long our furnace will hold up. Only good thing about big home repairs is getting to take a day off work. Same thing goes for termite treatments. (don't ask)