Fake cupcake distraction

It took me a while to get working last night - I got distracted by a cupcake show. Don't judge me :D I loves me some good cupcakes. I love watching people make them. It's a leftover from being a baker for a few years...pretty edible things rock my world :)
When I got down to work I really got things done...and blinked and saw it was midnight, so I rewarded my self by watching the latest My Drunk Kitchen (makes me laugh so hard...), made lunches and bumbled off to bed, rather pleased with myself. Wish I'd started earlier...who knows what else I could have gotten done!
J got home much later after his show...he picked up a little treat for me - the new Moby CD. Squee! I wasn't exactly coherent when he arrived, so we'll have to listen to it tonight. I made myself go back to sleep and not wake up. As it was I only got~4 hours of sleep...but yet I feel OK for now. So far so good...
This AM I got up to go in for Spin and Sculpt. On a whim I checked the scale to see how my hard work was going...and it's going well. I've made a real dent in the holidays since I've been home. I'm sure a bit of it is water weight, but it feels good to know I'm within 2 Lbs of when this all started. I need to make myself a little wiggle room...for life. Knowing I can get it together gives me hope I can maintain this healthy life long term.
I tried the laughing cow cheese and almond thing again and it worked like a charm. No queasy. No nausea, and I pushed myself in class today, with none of the blechiness I felt Tuesday. I am slowly learning what my body needs :) Now it's time for my cottage cheese with fresh strawberries (drool) and a huge mug of coffee. Work calls. I have a meeting with a statistician today to go over my data - I hope he can help me to make sense of it so I can start writing...I should be ready to do that with my data by next week. I'm almost done cleaning it up and verifying it...which is as dull as it sounds!
Hope you all have a good day. I'm going to muddle through and take things as they come. We have to empty out part of the basement for furnace dude tomorrow. I'll be working from home for most of it to be around while they work. Woo...

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azusmom said...

It's always good to know we have wiggle room! I recently logged back on the a basic e-Diets plan: it just forces me to pay attention, and to NOT eat because I'm stressed/sad/bored/etc. (Wow, actually FEELING my feelings! What a concept, lol!)
And, hey, while you wait for furnace due I'll be waiting for the plumber! We can wait together!!!!!