Kale chips rock

I made kale chips last night for J and I to nibble as we (finally!) got a chance to sit down and watch a few episodes of Game of Thrones.
We put some sea salt and pepper on some torn up, olive oil sprinkled kale and baked it until it was crispy but not brown at 350 for ~15 minutes, flipping halfway. I sprinkled a bit of sour cream flavour on at the end. MAN they're good. Totally unlike anything I've ever had before...healthy crunchy snack. Gotta love it! I will definitely be making them again.

Today I'm hanging out with the plumbers, working on my grad stuff. Neither I nor them got much done yesterday afternoon since there was a 4 hour power outage yesterday. They couldn't finish the furnace and water heater...soooooo they're back to finish up. Hopefully it won't make it too much more $$...I'll just be glad to have hot water and heat again.

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azusmom said...

Yes, kale chips are awesome! I just bought a bunch of kale to make more. Enjoy the warm water!!!!!