food = ow

I experienced an entirely new uncomfortable feeling last night...I got home late late from work but was determined to make a nice meal so I took the time to make curried chic peas and cauliflower with quinoa and ate a bit too much of it...then as I felt overly full and a bit bloated, delayed muscle soreness set in from my hardcore workout in the AM - mostly ab soreness...heh. Ever had your abs pressed on from both sides simultaneously in an uncomfortable way? Let me tell did *not* feel cool.
I spent most of the evening trying to ignore my stomach as it got worse...actually wondering if I would be ill, and then actually hope I would to possibly feel better. I survived. My abs (top half particularly) are still very stiff this AM.
This AM I came in and did the warmup and wicked things workout again like last wednesday and pushed myself - did it all in about 35 minutes, and then followed it up with 20 minutes on the elliptical and a few ab exercises for the sides, and to stretch them out a bit. Whew...I was dripping sweat by the end. The workout and warmup burned an epic 372 calories on their own, and then the elliptical ramped it all up to a grand total of 493 for my AM workout.
I get encouraged by my HR monitor. I'm going to try and wear it agian for the next while to encourage myself to push myself, as well as know when my heart rate is in "the zone". The chest strap is compatible with most of the elliptical and bike machines at the gym, so I can keep closer check on my HR altho I find the watch gives a lower calorie count than the machines...I go with the watch, just cuz.

I feel good (albeit still slightly ab sore) now and after a healthy breakfast I feel like I just might want to eat food again :)


azusmom said...

Cauliflower is notorious for bloating. Darn those delicious, cruciferous veggies!
Glad you're feeling better. That workout sounds killer!

Yum Yucky said...

okay, so the bloating pain is indeed a bummer. I love me some cauliflower, too. But why am I suddenly craving asparagus? I have veggie A.D.D. today. Apparently.