Last night I was the queen of grumpy. Muttered at the cats. Muttered at J. Had some leftover fried rice and chicken and later nibbled on some popcorn because I couldn't get my emotions on the level and was still hungry. I muttered at my corn and worked on my project. Still working on my data....meh. Tonight I believe that I will be DONE my data proofing, which I have trouble believing. I've been at it for WEEKS now...and I am starting to really hate it, so I'll be glad to move on a bit. I have meetings and work to do, as well so I need to get on it.

One of our dept's grad students defended her thesis yesterday and I missed her speech and the celebratory dinner, which I'm a bit miffed about. I was stuck helping a faculty member who, to be honest, is treating me like a personal assistant and not a tech. The student's project was an extension of something I'd started out so I'd wanted to be there. She passed with flying colours and I'm so proud of her - she's worked SO hard and I helped her a lot. Now that I think about it - I bet missing that was part of why I was so very grumpy later...I don't understand how some people are able to be in positions of authority and not use me to my potential - to actually waste my time for their personal gain while others appreciate me and I don't get to always be involved in teh final parts of all my work. Drives. Me. Nuts. I really wanted to be there, but I don't have the authority to just leave things and go...even trivial (and honestly not really my job sort of things)things. If you ever have a person work for you - remember - what you do is not necessarily the most important thing in the world...

Anyhoo...enough venting...that gets me nowhere.

This AM I came in to spin and sculpt class. It's odd - the same class as last tuesday and I rocked it today. Weird eh? It was challenging, but I wasn't feeling nauseous or anything like last week. I had half a peach before class, but nothing to bother my that way and I guess I'll just have to chalk it up to random variation - today felt good. I keep meaning to wear my HR monitor to see how much I really do in the class. Today I actually remembered to wear it...but then forgot to turn it on until the second song of spin started, but at least I have MOST of the workout logged - it was 398 calories for the part I had it on for - whew! NO wonder I feel bushed at the end! It's a really solid 1 hour of sweat.

After some chia overnight oats with the other half of my delicious juicy BC peach I have many meetings and things to do in my day. More yummy borscht for lunch...more crazy for supper and beyond. SO much to do...gah.

Yes - all aboard the train to Crazytown my friends :)

Choo Choo!

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azusmom said...

That IS frustrating! I hate it when teachers/professors take advantage like that!
I think there was something in the air yesterday. I was pretty crabby all day, as were my kids.
Hope today is better!