crunchy yet satisfying

Last night I had a go at crunching data...confusing. There's just SO much data...I'm glad I'm meeting with a statistician today to go over stuff...I'm confused. It's tough to work all day and then come home and try and get things brain wears out and would rather just go to bed. Perhaps on the weekend I'll get some more done with a little break in between fror naps...
It turns out I accidentally turned our water heater down too much tuesday night - poor J got a cold shower yesterday. Oops. Heh. We fixed it...and I'm leaving the knob alone now. :)

This AM was spin and sculpt class, and I forgot my HR monitor, but worked hard. My knee is a bit stiff ,but still not angry with me...I think it was too many jumping lunges in the workout yesterday. I'll try and be nice to it tomorrow. My abs finally don't hurt from tuesday...whew! I have a tasty lunch and just inhaled my breaky and coffee, so I am off to the land of science to try and stay awake and get to it.
Later taters!


azusmom said...

My brain cannot even begin to process the work you do. You are amazing!

Jody - Fit at 53 said...

I hope your knee feels better!!! OMG, I so relate to that cartoon!!!

I so agree with azusmom - you are amazing!