Slow and steady wins the race...or at least the cupcake

When I was in Vancouver, one of the guys I trained under with told me about a marathon he had run in in France - it sounded like my kind of marathon. He said every mile there was a rest station with a small glass of local wine and appetisers from that particular region. He also laughed and said that as the race went on, it got more and more casual, with people strolling more than running (don't want to spill your wine!) and some didn't even finish due to all the good cheer. I think it would be a fun way to spend a day and see the French countryside -not too serious!

Last night I finished some initial statistical work on part of my data. Man it feels good to have a few real numbers. Sure I then have to try and make sense of them to write about them but hey - I'll take it! It's a real start. Feels like all this work is FINALLY coming into something. Another night of not enough sleep, but 5 hours will just have to do. tomorrow I can sleep in. GLORIOUS :)

This AM I came in for my workout B + 27 minutes on the stair climber and my abfest and now, after some tasty breakfast I'm sitting down with my coffee to settle my brain for the day. I'm trying to decide my weekend plans. Yes there will be a lot of work, but saturday, a coworker, who is becoming a friend, invited me over to see her new house for a bit...but it is roughly the same time as the annual Zombie walk (which I've always missed and really want to join in on), which will end at the downtown art theatre where, after, they are showing a cheesy horror movie. J will be hanging out with a friend all day at the horror movie festival seeing shows (lucky guy) while I work, but I'm trying to decide which I'd like to do more...I'm torn. It would mean I could meet up with him and a friend later. I'll have to see on the day of whether I feel like being all Thriller or just chilling with a glass of wine and getting a grand tour :) I've been working hard so I want to do a bit of something for a break. We shall see.

And so, my good peeps, I am off to the land of science. Have a great day!

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azusmom said...

That sounds like my kind o' marathon, too.
Hope you had a good weekend, whatever you decided to do!