I got up this AM after a late night of data work and came in to spin and sculpt class. Because she keeps each month the same I knew what to expect - the same workout as last tuesday, but today it was harder somehow. I worked my muscles to fatigue on all the sets...couldn't even do them all like last time, even with a reduced 12Lb bodybar that I had as backup for some. My thighs didn't ache after lunges which is good...I was more careful with my form. Near the end of the workout I was really pushing myself to the limit on some arm and ab much so that I started to feel very nauseus. So I backed off a bit. I haven't done that in a while...because I am not a fan of that kind of feeling -I do not like to ever push myself to that point - it doesn't benefit me (it takes a LOT for me to get ill so I know it's too much if I get there). A drink of water and some stretching and I'm OK, but it was a very exhausting workout.
I certainly earned my chia overnight oats...
On the plus side I had time after class to actually curl my hair - I'm all pretty and girly today. I'm relearning all this hairstyling business now that my hair's past my shoulders. Oooh lala :)

Today is a busy day. I'd love to get away in the evening for a few hours to see for customer appreciation night at our old old theatre in town - they're showing an old fave of mine: Ferris Beuller's Day Off. We'll see how it goes. Last night I was an absolute saint and instead of going to see the new X-Men Origins movie at a friends house with J (which I've been dying to see and missed in the theatre) I stayed home and worked. Not a fun choice, but it had to be done. I just keep reminding myself that it's only a while longer. This is the last year of school...there will be all the time in the world to watch movies when I'm done :)

I must dash. Long day of work ahead and I need a little cup of coffee to make it go by more sweetly. Later taters...


I haven't seen Ferris Bueller in ages! Loved it, but now I can't even remember the actor's name or if he's still famous. Anyone? Anyone? (But oddly, I do remember Ben Stein.)
azusmom said…
Matthew Broderick!!!! Yay!
I almost tried a workout in L.A. called "Barry's Bootcamp." Until I heard that they gave away T-shirts for every newcomer who throws up during a workout. I decided not to do it. Barfing isn't the end goal for me when I head to the gym.

Glad you're feeling better!

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