Is it friday yet?

It is?
Last night was long and late and busy, but I believe I'm all prepared for all the bar tending duties I am in charge of for the thing we're putting on tomorrow night. I've never gone and picked up enough booze and mix and supplies for 150 people before . Oooh lalah... I have perfected what I think is a rather tasty peach pie jello shooter and will make up a bunch of them tonight...along with finish up some paper lanterns and some other decor for the party.
Oh, and my 6 month speech which I give on monday bright and early.
And find a costume for saturday.
And prep for a surprise 9AM saturday meeting with my supervisor. YAY! Couldn't come at a less opportune time, I must say, but she is in the city so I'll just have to put on my big girl sparkle panties and get down to business...
This AM, despite the tiredness, I was up and in to the gym for regular workout #2 plus 28 minutes on the bike at resistance 5 (woo!) and my abfest. Now it's healthy breakfast time and regular work. Oh lucky did I get to be gifted with all these things to do.

Hee hee. Here we go again! :)

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azusmom said...

"Big girl sparkle panties" = ROFL!!!!
Have a wonderful party, enjoy your night, and then go kick butt on all the other stuff!