Now my iPod doesn't like me either...

I was lamenting my computer problems continuing...then I lost this post. Seriously. I'm jinxed.
As Monty Python says - Start again...

Last night I finally got to sit down and reload up my iPod nano with new podcasts and music...but then found when I disconnected it there was nothing on it. It somehow got corrupted when I disconnected it. Soooo...i tried to plug it back in and reload - no dice. It wouldn't recognise it. So I tried to reset it to factory settings and psyched myself up to do it all over again...and couldn't. Some glitch in iTunes that it wouldn't talk to the server to restore it. SO I followed on line advice and tried erasing the iPod and *THEN* trying it. Nada. So I basically have a pretty little green brick until I can fix it. I'm going to try using one of the Macs at work and see if I can restore it here... Maybe I sweated too much on it...who knows? It was a gift from my brother when he bought a new one, so it's not like I'm out $$...just convenience. I have an old OLD 2nd gen iPod I can pull out, but this Nano had a better battery and was tiny and good for workouts...and it was green :)
I'm trying not to fantasize about replacing it with a new iPod Touch...sure I could spend the year's clothing budget I've been saving up on a new doohicky...buuuuut then I'd have no pants.
A dilemma indeed :)

At any rate, I was in to the gym this morning (without music...sniff) for my midweek workout - more cardio, less weights. I did a few assisted tricep dips and pull ups, but it was pretty much an abfest with 35 minutes of cardio on the arc trainer. It was a good workout.

And now I must be off to the lab to do some science. Immunohistochemical staining if you wanted to know what :)

Later taters!


azusmom said...

Hmmm...iPod,pants, iPod, pants...that's a tough one! You'd think with all the new-fangled technology, all the man/womanpower that goes into it, all the money spent on advertising, that they would WORK BETTER!

Geosomin said...

I managed to restore it at work. Whew! My lappy's really old and sometimes it doesn't do things here's crossing my fingers I can put tunes back on it tonight and they'll stay there.

Pants for everyone :)