Hooray for technology

Hooray - I fixed my iPod. I was able to restore it to factory settings at work an then when I got home I dumped back all the pod casts and tunage onto it. It took ages because my computer is old and only has USB1, but I set her up to go and went to bed. J was out late and he shut it down for me when he got in. He's been busy this week too...after a night shoot he got to go to a meeting for a thing he and some friends are planning....it's coming together well. And he got a little time out with the guys too, which is a good thing. If there is one good thing about me working so much, it's encouraged J to get out and do more things on his own and develop some friendships outside of me...I'm glad to see him happily busy. Tonight we have tickets to go out and dance our butts off. We have tickets to Mstrkrft and Crystal Method. Time to shake it like a Polaroid picture. :)

This AM I was up and in to work (with my new tunes) and did my butt work, with the upper body stuff and then 29 minutes on the arc trainer, all sweaty to the new music...it's nice to have a whole bunch of new stuff to choose from. The gym is closed tomorrow, so I'll have to devise a home workout before I come in and do a bit of work all day, but if I can start late because...well, I'll be out late and I'm in on my own time AND if I'm very lucky I can take Sat and Sun off work (well not come *in* to work anyways...) and spend some time with J. I have supper with my brother and Dad on sunday, which should be nice. Plus the local retro theatre is also having a showing of Labyrinth (costumes encouraged...he heh...wish I had time for that!) on the weekend. My bro and I (I swear he's such a girl) are planning to go...I LOVED that film. Plus, I mean David Bowie in tight pants? Jennifer Connolly? Jim Henson magic? :) I can't wait...I think I can get J to come too (musicals make him make funny faces but this one is cool). It will be nice to relax a bit :)

And so I must be off to the lab. I got back my grade on my reading class - 85% Oh. Yeah.
Done with class...now back to the fun. I have to look at all I have to do and make a plan to get it done. Very exciting :)
Ta tah!

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azusmom said...

Yay! SO glad you have your music back!