My feet hurt from kicking ass so hard

I saw that on a shirt this morning and it made me laugh out loud. I think I will adopt it as my motto for the week :)

This morning I was actually grateful for my slightly annoying 5:25 AM alarm clock kitties. I forgot to turn my alarm on last night, but thanks to the Geek batting at me to get up at my usual time and Gavin meowing about the lack of tummy rubs he was receiving I got woken up and as I shooed them away I realised I should be up...and so I got up no problem...and was up and in to the gym to do a few arm things, but mostly full on abfesting as wednesday is less weights with more cardio and ab time. I tried a few sets of assisted tricep dips too...holy moly. Tough! New challenge for me :). Then it was hop on the arc trainer for 35 minutes of sweaty interval training. Good stuff. I feel really good.

Now I'm in for (yum) pineapple and blueberries and cottage cheese and another's the last week of classes. I picked up some homemade yogurt at the farmer's market on saturday - Yum. And the ingredients? Milk, bacteria, stevia and fruit. That's it. So. Good. So that's tomorrow with some granola...mmm...I figure if I have to work on saturdays I get to go to the farmer's market first. It's the little things that keep me going.

I'm so glad that it is the last week of overwhelming ridiculousness. Here's hoping that come monday when the dust settles all papers are done and I am still sane, without need of a tin foil hat. Then it will just be regular ridiculousness...he heh. *sigh* I admit...I'm running out of muchness, so I'm glad things are winding down. I got to bed at a humane hour last night, altho I really should have done more work. After working until 8 and then getting groceries and putting them away and doing a few chores...well...I was just grumpy and done with the day. There's no way I could do this all the time...why do people do this on purpose?
Later taters...


westwood said...

Evenings of unproductivity are essential for subsequent productivity times, in my opinion.

You have lots of (good) blogs!

Sable said...

I love pineapple!!

I am gearing up for the end of a semester as well (4 weeks! Or 3 and a half I guess) so I am with ya....why did I want to go back to school again?!

Yum Yucky said...

Where do the yogurt people get the "bacteria" ingredient anyway. Do the buy it wholesale??

Sagan said...

What's an assisted tricep dip?

Cool that you got some local homemade yogurt!

Geosomin said...

I've seen the yogurst starter bacteria for sal eat natural food stores...apparently you can just keep using yogurt you already have to feed the next batch.

Assisted tricep dips were on a machine that you can counter some of your body weight with (I did 50Lb) using counterweights and then use your arms pushing on bars at your sides for a tricep dip of your body was a shmancy machine...called "assisted tricep dip". You can do assisted pullups or chinups on it too with bars overhead.

Geosomin said...

el linko: