I beg to differ - I *am* the slowest swimmer :)

FINALLY getting somewhere with my paper. Wish I had more time. It's due monday so I'm going to be a paper slave to get it all done and referenced up the wazoo in time. But I think it will be a good one...if I can just get it done :)

This morning the pool was open again (yay!) so I was able to come in and do my butt and arm work and then swim 10 laps in the nice warm pool. There was someone sharing the lane with me who was...um...lacking in knowledge of personal space and faster than me (I should clarify that *everyone* swims faster than me). She kept swimming right up behind me but wasn't willing to pass me. I think I even accidentally kicked her arm once, thru no fault of my own. Oops. There was only 3 of us in the slow lane so I didn't think she'd have trouble not running in to me...yeah.

This AM when I did my rows and squats I used 17.5 Lb dumbbells, and 15Lb for my military presses. 12 Lbfor my step ups and one legged dead lifts and 10Lb for my T arm raises. Booyah! And now - cottage cheese and fruit and coffee and I'm off on a mission.



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azusmom said...

Urgh! I hate being tailgated in the pool! I REALLY don't get why people don't just pass...
Glad you were able to get a swim in, though. And I'm sure your paper will ROCK!