Everybody out of the pool!

Bummer - the pool was closed today. We waited patiently and then were told we couldn't go in as the chemicals were way out of whack...eep. Hopefully it'll be fixed up by thursday. Before my swim I'd taken 30 minutes to do my lower legs stuff, and some arm work and after my swim denial (sniff) I threw my gear back on and hopped on the arc trainer for a good sweaty 23 minutes...it was all I could fit in. Then I hopped in the shower and came in to work just in time with a healthy breakfast after enjoying my workout treat - banana and protein shake. Yum. Cookies and cream...
Today is another long day...lots do do and it's grocery day too...Looking forward to stocking up on healthy goodies, but it's not terribly convenient with me trying to write up my big evil paper #2. I want it to be good. I have all my literature search done, which took forever. I have about 70 papers and a few books to use as source material...I'll probably only need 2/3 of those, but scientists get all persnickety when you don't reference EVERYTHING, so I had to cover my ass, even for things I know from university. Review articles are annoying that way. Makes for extra work...but it is the last thing. I hope to have it done friday, but realistically I can get it in monday or tuesday no problem and it will be fine (I love flexible grad deadlines!).
Last academic class requirement for my MSc.
Hot damn.
And so I must be off. Work and my cells and my cursed paper are calling me.
Later taters...

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