Jumping in with both feet

Monday's here. Week 2 of crazy go nuts university has begun.
But you know what? I can do it. I know I can.

Saturday and sunday I got a chance to relax and unwind and catch up on my severe lack of sleep. After working all saturday, J and I got to go out with friends to a new club I've never been to to see my friend's band play. They rocked it. Later we went to hear a funky favourite DJ of mine and I danced my butt off. Laughing sweaty fun with friends -it's been a while. I've met some new very kind and sweet people over the last 6 months or so - new crowd. They are very creative and kind. A bit younger than I, but old souls...they will be good friends I think.

Sunday J and I relaxed with banana pancakes and lots of napping. I some research for my paper, but it was in bed surrounded by cats and J and sunshine, so it didn't seem like work at all :) We fired up the BBQ for the first time this season and had some yummy tinfoil potatoes and chicken souvlaki...mmm...I'm so glad it's warmed up enough to BBQ again. J teases me at how much I love to BBQ. It's just so goooood!

This morning I was up and in to the gym as usual. I did my lower body butt stuff and ab exercises, but only had time for 25 minutes on the arc trainer. I can tell I had 4 days off and a few beer and cider on the weekend because I really had to push myself in the weights portion...I actually had to stop for breath between legs on my step ups which is why I got in a bit less cardio, but I did them all-no skimping with careful form. I'm proud of myself for that. On my monthly weigh in I'm down 2 lbs, so I know I'm maintaining, which is all I'm after. With all my crazy life lately, it's good to know I can keep me in the picture and ensure I'm looking after myself. So far so good.

And now - it's off to another crazy long day.
Here we go!

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Yum Yucky said...

Well, sheesh. So far so (CRAZY!) good.