"It had salt on it-big grains of salt"

Last night I got home at a normal hour, had supper and wen tout to a movie with J. It was great. It's final exam time so the theatre was really quiet and I finally got to see Suckerpunch - I've been waiting for it and haven't had time until now. I loved it. It was AWESOME - seriously one of the best films I've seen in ages! There was no line up so we splurged and got some popcorn too, which we normally don't do. It was yummy...and I'm quite willing to work out a little extra all week just cuz. I forgot how salty it is tho - MAN. Last night before I went to bed - big glass of water. This AM when I got up - big glass of water. Then 10 oz while I worked out this AM...AND my protein shake (mmm...cookies and cream...)...and I *now* have an XL coffee that I am still thirsty enough to drink down no problem. Whew. Yup - still thirsty. Think I'll be a little squishy for a few days until all the sodium is gone. I really don't eat much salt anymore, but for me it's the crunchy salty things that I crave. So tasty...but I'm good for another few months now :)

This AM I was in, back to normal schedule. Wed is ab day with longer cardio. 35 minutes on the arctrainer with crosstrain program and then my abfest and a few sets of assisted tricep dips and some assisted pull ups.
Now it's some breakfast and some science.

Later: It took all day and rediculous amounts of liquid (14 glasses) but I'm finally not thirsty. I am however unable to get any labwork done as I keep stopping every 20 minutes to pee. *sigh*

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