Just a sec...

Quick stop in - must dash. Just wanted to log.
This AM I did 3 sets of my my butt/arm workout: 20 step ups (each leg) with 12 Lbs dumbbells, 15 standing rows (17.5 Lb dumbbells), 20 one legged dead lifts (each leg) with 12 Lb dumbbells, 12 military press with 15 Lb dumbbells (alternate every 3 with 1 curl), then 15 squats with 17.5 Lb dumbbells, then 13 T side arm raises with 10Lb dumbbells.
Then a nice swim: 10 laps, 5 just legs with flipper board and 5 front crawl (alternating)

Now it's off to work.

Later taters!

silly comment #46: did you know a possible spelling correction suggestion from the Blogger spellcheck is bloodmobile? Yeah I know. Bizarre...

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azusmom said...

Ah, spellcheck: the bane of my existence!
My favorite example, someone texting from an iPhone, I believe:

"I'm at Whore Foods, do you want anything?"
"If you're at Whore Foods, I'll take a leggy blond. But if you're at Whole Foods, I'll settle for some peanut butter."

Have a great day!