Happy Egg Day everyone!

I had a nice weekend. I worked friday but then was off with J for the rest of it, and had a family supper sunday. It was wonderful...I don't even know the last time I had 2 days off in a row. I napped, read books, drank wine, ate cheese (smoked applewood cheddar...mmm...) and enjoyed myself. I didn't go crazy, but I certainly indulged a bit...but, I'm done that now. Back on track this AM back in the gym and I have healthy meals planned all week. I did my butt workout with my arms and back weight stuff, my abfest and 27 minutes on the arc trainer. I can tell I overate and had some wine at sunday supper...today seemed very hard to do. But I did it :)

My allergies are going NUTSO right now. It's been windy and dusty and all the snow mold and crap from the spring melt is floating about in the air...I've got the whole watery eyes, sneezy thing going on. I've had to use my inhaler far more than normal...I'm hoping the street sweepers get out soon and we get a good rain to boot - it's like having the start of a cold that never really goes anywhere. Thankfully I can still do my thing and exercise so far. I don't like to take antihistamines...either they make me grind my teeth and I can't concentrate or they put me to sleep so I try and just deal with it when things like this happen. I'll live :)

On thursday night the DJs we went to see were great. I danced my face off. I was, however disgusted by the sheer grope facter of the club we went to. it was sickening. I ranted about it on my other blog, and I still, days later, am amazed that guys can think that it's OK to act like that towards women. I do think I'm going to get a shirt printed up to wear next time I go out that says "I'm married. Go away" on it and see if it helps. It was quite rediculous.

Well, enough of that. I must reset my mind to better things and be off. Much to do. Have a good day :)

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